About us


HunMecH Mechanical Engineering Office Ltd. was founded in 2005 by its three current owners who have been working in different fields of the industry, such as engine designing, single-purpose machine designing and industrial automation.

After the foundation, the number of our employees was continuously increasing owing to the demands in the fields of single-purpose machine designing and special engine designing.

The continuous developing of our firm and the grants both contributed to the fact that today we can work in a well-equipped, modern office and industrual production hall. At the end of 2011 the building up our production hall was finished and at the beginning of 2013 the attached office building was completed as well.

At our firm, we have several mechanic engineers who do development activities: special engine designing, single-purpose machine designing and 3D modeling. Moreover, more technicians produce the single parts and the complete assembling of the machines designed by us. Their number continuously grow, according to the requirements of the production. During the selection we lay special emphasis on excellent professional qualification.

They choose us

  • Autoliv Ltd.
  • BPW Hungary Ltd.
  • Delphi Hungary Ltd.
  • EcoSolifer Ltd.
  • Flextronics Ltd. Sárvári factory
  • FRIMO Hungary Ltd.
  • GE Lighting Tungsram Ltd.
  • Honeywell Hungary Ltd.
  • Kon-Trade+ Ltd.
  • Kongsberg Interior Systems Ltd.
  • LISS Ltd.
  • MAM Hungary Kft.
  • Nestlé Hungary Ltd., Factory in Bük
  • Schneider Electric Hungary Ltd.
  • SMR Automotive Mirror Technology Hungary Lp.
  • TDK